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Blood and Gore,
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Blight Smugglers: 0.6


It was touch and go if we were going to release this ambitious update before the holiday season, but we made it!

In this update, we introduced a new hero: Bu the Nimble. You get the opportunity to unlock Bu and complete her story arc. If you have trouble unlocking and progressing her story, hop on our friendly Discord, there are many folks who are willing and eager to help you out!

Achievements! We have added achievements to Steam. Whether you are a hunter or a casual player, there is something for everyone! Be sure to @ us on socials, Discord, Steam, reddit and show off your proudest achievements!

We’ve also made changes and improvements on the tutorials, menus, and in-game items, specifically low-tier items.

If you encounter any bugs or have any feedback, please do not hesitate to report them, the best place to do it is on the Ronimo Games Discord.

Below are the new additions and changes:

  • New Assassin Hero: Bu the Nimble. A young scion of the Motonaga clan and the heir to her family’s crime empire.

  • Achievements!

  • General tutorial improvements.

  • General interface improvements.

  • General AI improvements.

  • General item improvements and increase in variety and functions of existing items.


Introduced achievements.

  • Bu The Nimble can now be found and rescued to join your band of heroes. Her personal story is completable.

  • The elite enemies, Gluttonous Ralphus (Blood Magus), Gravereaver (Iron Pursuer), Goldtooth (Horrid), and Broodbrother Gnaw (Horrid) can now be encountered throughout the game.

  • Many rare and epic tier items have received perks, making it much more interesting to make builds with items of these levels. To make sure items that items without a perk are still viable, many other rare and epic tier items have been tweaked.


  • Added new effects to Chakram ability.

  • Optimised and added visual effects to the mage’s staff.


  • Fixed a minor issue in the tutorial where Scarlet was unable to use her dodge roll in some parts of the Ruined Church.

  • Enabled skipping tutorial and quest dialogue.

  • Fixed an issue where the journal tab would be locked when skipping the tutorial.


Improvements to AI

  • Bots no longer softlock in Inner Graves.

  • Bots now clear destructibles that are in their path.

  • Crystals activated by bots now stay active for longer.

  • Bots now target correct pressure plate in Granite Grotto.

  • Bots are now more aware of bloodpools and traps.

  • Fixed that AI controlled would progress lifegoals for the player’s heroes.

  • Damage numbers dealt to bots and dealt by bots have now been removed.

  • Mages no longer think that crystals are outside the map in Northern Hull (B4F), and no longer try to activate them.

Other Gameplay Changes

  • Body parts that can be dropped by bosses and generals have been altered.

  • Titan Skills can no longer have a cooldown of fewer than 3 seconds, even with the application of cooldown reducing items. This is to prevent certain abilities from being used multiple times in a short window of time.

  • A character with cooldown reductions no longer lowers the cooldown of their Dodge Skill.

  • Tentacle traps created by the projectile shot by Horrids no longer spawn double.

  • The critical explode effect no longer causes freeze frames, as stacking this effect could permanently stun enemies when this item effect is equipped by all 3 players.

  • The critical explode effect can now be triggered on a 0.2 second cooldown (reduced from 1.0 second)


  • The total damage multiplier of items that grant a bleed effect on kills has been increased to 10 (from 5)

  • Fixed an issue with M'Waan's Moon passive, where players that were invincible when hit by a Warrior's Dash or Charge were not shielded by the item's effect.

  • Grimoire of Blight now gives 9% cooldown reduction (decreased from 20%). We felt this item was over-performing, especially when stacked.

  • Implemented localisation changes for item drop flavour text to reflect the corresponding item drops.

  • Fixed an issue where Rigid Bulwark had more shield-block damage reduction than intended

  • Bosses now have the Mark of Zerrish icon underneath their health bars while they are affected by the status effect.

  • Fixed an issue for the perk used by Gorman Root where the tooltip did not explain that enemies also take damage from the snare explosion.

  • Slightly increased the amount of damage that needs to be blocked to gain 1 rage point

  • Fixed an issue in the localization where staff Kirkarik's Reflection did not directly take the damage value increase of the perk

  • Added a perk to Crescent Staff where there is now a 10% chance to not incur resource cost when using your secondary skill

  • Added a perk to Ichor Ring where an additional 20% gold is obtained

  • Added a perk to Fanged Gloves where there is a 20% damage reduction to traps. For example, laser traps and spike traps.

  • The recipe to craft Scaled Loop no longer includes Scaled Armor. Also added a perk to Scaled Loop where it does 100 explosion damage when triggered.

  • Removed the damage bonus from Three Eyed Ring.

  • Character-specific items, such as Seirinne's Lockpick, have been made stronger and more unique, and can no longer be sold. Players who have sold these items will automatically reacquire them (check your Quartermaster inventory).


  • The next step in a hero’s journey is now shown in the hero journal tab

  • Hero progress step is now shown on available map nodes with notification icons

  • The merchant stock now refreshes instantly. The player must complete another dungeon run before the refresh is available again. Blacksmith recipes are now unlocked in groups per every 4 prosperity levels.

  • Added Gruegant bounty to possible pool of bounties.

  • Bounties no longer show notification icons during map select.

  • Made general improvements to controller navigation.

  • Made general improvements to improve clarity and reduce clutter.

  • Added new sound effects to the stats panel.

  • Blacksmith item recipes no longer include unique character items. The unique items have been replaced with common items in their respective recipes.


  • The ‘Invite Friend’ icon is now clearer.

  • Panel graphic alignments have been fixed for 16:10 aspect ratio.

  • Smith panel and sidebar labels are now more visible after depth adjustments.

  • Artisan no longer glitches when entering the artisan recruitment tab.

  • Stat points alignment has been adjusted on skills tab.

  • The endscreen now shows hero story progression.

  • Hero story progression notifications have now been added to hero icons in the sidebar.

  • Hero story progression notifications have now been added to the journal tab.

  • Tabs in menus now look sleeker and less bulky.

  • Chapter 5 and conclusion headers have been adjusted for the journal tab.

  • Tutorial button highlights have been adjusted to the new menu layout for the guided part of menu tutorial.

  • Fixed an issue where the region select popup would have nothing selected when it opens.

  • Settings panel no longer opens when pressing ‘back’ on the region select popup.

  • Fixed an issue where the player would no longer be able to interact with the menu after finishing a quest.