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Blood and Gore,
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Forging Ahead: 0.1

Forging Ahead: Early Access Patch notes

  • Increased total of playable dungeons to 6 (from 3 in open beta).

  • Increased total of playable heroes to 9 (from 6 in open beta).

  • Kromm no longer shows up in Answering the Call (is now recruited in The Hemomancer).

  • Bigger Aetheri spark piles now give the appropriate number of sparks.

  • Heatwave distortion effects no longer have hard lines. Groovy.

  • Environmental bloodstains no longer randomly fade out.

  • Exiting Blightbound will no longer crash the game.

  • Fixed item duplication and transmutation issues. Items no longer disappear from your inventory. Your legendary loot is now safe.

  • Fixed an issue that caused difficulty to never advance past “easy.” Challenge accepted.

  • Fixed that notoriety would not reset, causing the game to be impossibly difficult.

  • Fixed that loot would drop in impassable terrain.


  • Bosses sometimes cast certain abilities way more often than their behaviour would normally allow.

  • Map difficulty is still unintuitive. We’re working on making it intuitive.

  • Characters will occasionally sliiiiiiiide away when grabbing a box. Sweet move, but unintended.

  • If someone disconnects, everyone fails the dungeon. It’s a major feel bad, we’re working on several systems (Bots, namely) to alleviate this.

  • Single Player might be possible, should the bots in development be cool with the idea.

  • Overall performance on systems could be improved.

  • General network stability / lag / desyncs: they suck. We’re working on it.

  • Difficulty is being closely monitored and will be adjusted to ensure a fun challenge for all players, to better reflect harder and easier dungeons.


  • Some players dislike the Blightbound mechanic, as it doesn’t allow them to choose their heroes until they reach a high enough Refuge level. We have the mechanic in place for several reasons:

    • It increases the stats of the hero by a combined 3 hero levels, allowing them to be on far more even keel with experienced players right from the start,

      • Not to mention the passive Blight restoration and increased resource gain that those same players receive for queueing as Blightbound.

    • It shortens the matchmaking queue for everyone, including the new player.

    • It encourages players to become comfortable with, and understand, the 3 main classes currently in the game. The Blightbound mechanic is meant to instill that from the start, but there’s obviously a discussion here to be had about this mechanic. Keep in mind that a foundational idea behind Blightbound is encouraging players to constantly try new heroes and new playstyles.

  • Stats and how they are calculated, i.e the crunch in the game, are not made clear or available to players. This is something to be worked on once the game is more fully fleshed out and can be polished more.

  • Blight sickness, as well as several other mechanics, aren’t properly explained for some players. This is a problem with intuitive learning in the game, an issue which will be improved over the early access period.

  • Players sometimes get stuck in dungeons due to mistakes in the dungeon logic, or Kromm’s big ‘ol Leap. If this happens, please share info and screenshots. We will fix these as soon as they're reported, but we need specific info to fix them (current reports are often "I got stuck somewhere" without additional info on where or how, which sadly doesn’t help).

  • Certain intel graphics card users might experience crashes. If you can't start the game or the game crashes as soon as you start the tutorial, please share your specs on the discord or to koen@ronimo-games.com so we can investigate this further.

If you encounter any controller specific issues, please get in touch with us on the Discord (https://www.discord.gg/ronimo) and supply the following information:

  1. Type of controller used.

  2. What you expected to happen in-game.

  3. What you were doing and what was happening in-game.