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Helping Hands: 0.4


Bots are now in the game! This means you can now always play Blightbound. Be it with friends, with strangers or with bots. You will see the option to play with bots after queuing for 30 seconds. From then on you can choose to keep waiting for other players to join, or hop straight into a dungeon. Bots will also show up to replace disconnected party members, and help you finish that run. For now this will only work as long as the host is still connected. We will be monitoring these changes and see if more adjustments are needed in the future.

  • Bot support added.

  • The game now supports the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese(BR), Russian, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean. (Note that all functional texts have been translated, but translations of lore and narrative texts will come in a later update.)

  • Seirinne can now be found and rescued to join your band of heroes.

  • 7 new items have been added to the game, alongside their respective recipes (Kirkarik's Reflection, Serpent's Wrath, Zerrish's Contortion, Aetheri Resolve, Talon of Thyst, Eye of Kriusz, Gravemark Headkey)

  • The elite enemy “Gravesteel" can now be encountered when adventuring.

  • The elite enemy “Assailant Gijs" can now be encountered when adventuring.

  • The elite enemy “Bloodmaster Krux" can now be encountered when adventuring.


The bounty board has not offered the rewards that excites players and the acquisition of Aetheri Crystals has felt quite random. So changing all bounty rewards to Aetheri Crystals and removing them as drops is an attempt to strike two birds with one stone. Additionally it has the benefit of giving players agency over what challenges to tackle in order to gain those crystals.

  • Removed Aetheri Crystal drops from elites

  • Replaced all bounty rewards with Aetheri Crystals

  • Updated item flavour for Aetheri Crystals to reflect above change


  • The Iron Pursuer will now no longer show up briefly before he properly fades in.

  • Karrogh will no longer play unintended animations when triggering one of his story beats.

  • Matriarch Wodania's personal goal now correctly increases when rescuing a survivor.

  • The pick up animation of class coins (e.g. Siurd's Embers) now plays correctly when a class coin is picked up as a client

  • Blood VFX on gameplay ground will no longer fade out and fade back in after 30 seconds.

  • An instance where "clone" was erroneously typed out as "clown" has been fixed.

  • Tweaked the blood trail VFX on dismemberments.

  • Optimised some of the VFX.

  • Changed the way players finish a part of a character's story. Most of the stories now require the dungeon run in which the story part triggered to end in a victory.

  • Fixed an issue where players with finished character stories did not acquire a legendary item associated with the character's story. Players that have already finished certain stories, can now find these items in their Quartermaster's inventory.


  • Khuliath the Humongore can no longer collide with the level spline, potentially causing a softlock.

  • The hitbox of the 3rd attack of Iron Pursuers was larger than intended and has now been reduced to be more in line with the previsualisation of the attack.

  • Reduced the amount of time Iron Pursuers are stunned after running into a wall from 6 seconds to 4 seconds. This also fixes an issue where Iron Pursuers visually stand up, and drop to the ground again after a short while during the stun.

  • Iron Pursuers are silenced for half a second after recovering from the stun caused by them running into a wall, to give players ample time to react to their recovery and next attack.

  • The Mage's teleport skill should now more accurately jump towards the area targeted by the player.

  • Increased the Mage's teleport skill distance from 8m to 10m.

  • Increased the Mage's teleport skill distance when using a controller from 8m to 9m. The reason this range is shorter is to prevent controller players from getting disoriented when teleporting off-screen.

  • Players can now no longer teleport to invalid locations when standing outside the pathfinding grid. This comes at the cost of not being able to teleport to places without having line of sight.

  • Matriarch Wodania can no longer become trapped inside of tentacle traps when in the middle of her Lightning Strikes skill

  • Pushable blocks, levers and the Blood skull pedestals in For Whom the Bell Tolls are no longer visually affected by the Warriors' Taunting Roar.

  • Players will no longer face the wrong direction sometimes when pushing or pulling blocks.

  • Awaken Ancient now grants damage reduction while the skill is active.

  • Made the damage reduction granted by items more significant (a 10% damage reduction was in reality a 0.1% damage reduction).

  • Damage reduction granted by items is now also applied on clients.


  • Added 3 new recipes to craft items introduced in the patch 0.3 Wolfpack (Sun’s Tongue, Touch of Duron, Horn Rush).

  • Reduced damage for Kirkarik's Reflection from 500% weapon power to 200% weapon power.

  • Altered the stats of some items. Removed stats in cases where certain items had too many stats compared to others from the same tier.

  • Enemies slowed by the Soulriver Pendant's effect now have a clear visual.

  • Wodania's Wooden Idol now has the following effect: Any resources spent grants 6% crit chance to the entire party until their next critical hit.

  • Added flavour text to the Barbarian Shield item.


  • The amount of heroes displayed in the refuge score breakdown is no longer capped at 11.

  • Heroes that are affected by Blight will now change visually based off of how much Blight sickness they currently have.

  • The Bestiary's images have been tweaked a little.

  • Fixed crafting recipes that don't have all requirements met being unselectable with controllers.

  • Also allowed you to select ingredients and recipes the highlighted item is used in, so navigation between items in this interface works.

  • Controller menu navigation now repeats input to allow for rapid navigation of lists.

  • Controller users can now start searching for a match properly.

  • Fixed overlapping text in bounty screen.

  • Bounty text no longer overflows in the map select dock.

  • Removed item names from the in-dungeon rewards section of mapselect, because they overlapped in several languages.

  • Hero icons can no longer be highlighted in map select.

  • Hero icons are no longer overlapping button prompts.

  • Several minor text overflow issues in the Refuge have been taken care of.

  • The navigation button prompts are now properly displayed.

  • Matchmaking with Blightbound heroes tooltip now supports all languages without any overlap.

  • The in-game quick chat radial no longer breaks up words.

  • The configure control screen now no longer truncates button names.

  • The credits button no longer shows the text "replay tutorial" in the tooltip.


  • Standing next to a single pushable block no longer pops up the interact prompt of all pushable blocks on-screen.

  • Bosses no longer show modifiers above their heads.

  • Fixed text overflow issue in K.O. notification.

  • The 'Hold to skip' prompt under tutorial popups no longer overlaps with the text itself.


  • In Northern Hull (B3F) of The Descent, players are no longer able to unintentionally hit and pull enemies inside of the prison cell while on the left side of the room.

  • The Cultists of Asphodel can now no longer be kited outside of their boss area, resulting in a victory without defeating them.

  • Fixed a possible softlock in Northern Hull (B2F) of The Creeping Blight, where players could become trapped inside of the cell with the key when there are still enemies alive, yet out of reach.

  • Added more visual clarity to the infinitely spawning enemies in Western Heights in the Hemomancer level. Also slightly increased the time between enemy spawns, making the encounter a little easier overall.


  • The Creeping Blight now has the correct music playing.

  • Boss music now correctly stops upon defeating Byrinth, The Vile Blightspreader.