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Khuliath Rising: 0.2

Khuliath Rising: Update 0.2 patch notes

New Features

  • A new area is ready to be explored by your heroes in the Blood Ridge: Khuliath, the Humongore. This area features a new boss and new boss music.

  • Creen's personal story can now be completed.

  • Ezzouhn the Seeker can now be found and rescued to join your band of heroes.

  • Nilbous Flann can now be found and rescued to join your band of heroes. (Note that his story can’t be completed yet: only his first story beat is included.)

  • 11 new items have been added to the game for you to loot, craft and experiment with.

  • The elite enemy “Golem Eye" can now be encountered when adventuring.


  • System error windows now show 'Blightbound' in the title instead of 'Awesomenauts'.

  • Tweaked the wretch shout visual effect.

  • Different visuals have been added for elite Blood Magii, the Meatclots, the Iron pursuers.

  • Loading control schemes will now no longer potentially crash the game.

  • Improved impact effects for all forge-related abilities.

  • Reduced texture size by a small amount.

  • PS4 icons are now shown in the configure controls menu when using a PS4 controller.

  • Reduced stutter at start of game for character positions.

  • Early access information panel now shows teasers for update 2.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a player leaves the party.

  • Fixed a number of potential crashes related to party interactions.

  • Slightly reduced network load with spotty internet connections.

  • Fixed that some menu interactions like dragging items didn’t function properly for some players.


  • The popup that asks to try Korrus' two skills in the tutorial now fades out properly.

  • The Meatclot at the end of the Tutorial is now correctly named Ramkraak instead of M'Glord.

  • The Meatclot at the end of the Tutorial no longer spawns items on death.


  • Increased the difficulty a little bit. The goal is to increase it incrementally instead of in one go to see how players react to the new changes without immediately overdoing it.

  • Improved pathfinding for larger characters.

  • The bloodspawn modifier no longer has projectiles shoot upon taking damage from the named enemy.

  • The bloodspawn modifier now has visual effects.

  • Added visual effects for corpse heal enemy modifier.

  • Enemy cooldowns should no longer be unnaturally low.

  • The Horrid's projectile will now spawn a Tentacle Trap when hitting collision instead of terrain.

  • The Blood Magus' beam should now no longer easily miss the player.

  • Blood Magus' clones should now no longer leave their life drain skills in mid-air after dying.

  • The Blood Magus now no longer turns around to try and hit his beam attack before shooting when the player was standing close to the Blood Magus.

  • The Blood Magus in the Ominous cave now only shows up once all party members are present.

  • Blood magus' bloodpools should now no longer persist after the Blood Magus dies.

  • Enemies inside of cells are now invincible, preventing players from killing and interacting with them before they start the encounter.

  • Kromn now correctly triggers his sunburnt effect when using his Bull Charge.

  • Tweaked the warrior charge targeting visual.

  • Adjusted the cooldown reduction calculation to ensure the cooldown reduction coincides with how much is communicated to the player.

  • Reversal shield no longer has a grammatical error in it's description.

  • Clarified Kujuk's Fast passive skill description.

  • Spirit shot now has proper spacing between damage percentages.

  • Sword strike now has proper spacing between damage percentages.

  • Summon Spirits now has an indication of how much damage it deals when used in it's description.

  • Death from above skill now properly resets it's cooldown when intended if you are not the host.

  • Improved the Phalanx ability's visual effects.

  • Prevented that survivors that were revived, killed, and revived again counted as two separate survivors rescues. This process could be repeated indefinitely.

  • Removed silence status effect on NPCs.

  • Characters will now no longer be able to suddenly fly off to the side when interacting with a lever or pushable block.

  • Creen now uses the correct animation when using his Warcry skill.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when first loading into a new level.

  • Dena’s Lemna’s ability now works correctly for non-host players.

  • Dena’s Lemna’s ability now gives the correct amount of bonus health for warriors and mages.

  • Dena’s Lemna’s ability now also procs on self-heal by Rage attack for warriors.

  • Sunrise and Sunset’s abilities now trigger correctly for non-host players.

  • Passive abilities now works correctly for non-host players for Malborys, Creen, Kromn, and Triss.

  • Creen’s passive ability now deals 150% increased damage as indicated in the description, instead of 200%.

  • Updated Desert Mouse’s passive ability description to be more accurate.


  • Improved the general crafting experience by adding more crafting recipes for existing items.

  • Legendary story goal rewards are no longer sellable at the merchant.

  • 50% blight potions now no longer recover way too much blight.

  • Tergaron's vision now will also hit destructible objects within range.

  • Bonecut's description now has been improved.

  • Increased Bonecut explosion damage from 100 to 300.

  • Bonecut now gives the player a critical explosion damage based on crits instead of based on interrupts.

  • Sunstruck staff now gives players a haste effect for the appropriate amount when the reversal shield's lifetime is extended by perks.

  • Improved Bonespike's visual effects.

  • Blightbane now casts an additional shield on your own location.

  • Made Skullpiercer piercing.

  • Gorman Root now has the following added effect: snare enemies around you every 5 seconds.


  • When buying multiple items shop items no longer overlap.

  • The Refuge now shows build spots where artisans can be purchased.

  • The resource panel in the in-game escape menu now shows the correct amount of Aetheri Sparks.

  • Added a percentage symbol for a couple of perks and passives.

  • Various fixes to button indicators at the bottom of the Refuge.

  • Closing a Refuge panel by clicking outside of it should now always work.

  • Renamed "quartermaster inventory" to "inventory".

  • Improved controller navigation.

  • Focus on the refuge's sidebar using a controller will now darken all menu elements correctly.

  • You now need to actually reach the right prosperity level before being able to select a single character.

  • The prosperity level for unlocking for playing with a single hero has been moved to a lower prosperity level.

  • Removed the ability to to skip the elder's dialogue immediately.

  • Repositioned the notoriety icon above the nodes in map select.

  • Added a tooltip for the notoriety icon in mapselect.

  • Fixed difficulty bar spilling out of area when picking a random map while having notoriety

  • Swapped Elder dialog and reward popup when completing a quest (dialogue now comes first).

  • Added indicator for when a dialogue is skippable.

  • Completing a refuge quest now no longer shows broken text.

  • The Mentor's activity log should now no longer have pixelated/grainy images.

  • Meatclot is now no longer referred to as devourer in his bestiary entry.

  • The hover-over and active state for refuge buildings in the left sidebar should now be a little more clear.

  • Made the colours used in skill description texts more consistent.

  • Tooltips should now no longer show for items that are outside of the inventory window's view.

  • Closed off the goals section in map select as long as bounties aren't available.

  • Items now allign properly in the region reward section of mapselect.

  • Increased scrolling speed for quartermaster items, heroes and craftable items.

  • Increased scrolling speed for the mentor menu.

  • The Early Access information panel at the bottom of the refuge screen now properly layers behind all other popups that might show up when expanded.

  • Updated all character portraits to better reflect their in-game appearance.

  • The unlock popup for 'Mentor' now no longer uses the incorrect name 'Sage'.

  • Reaching prosperity level 19 now correctly shows what you've unlocked.

  • Removed refuge occupancy limits, and replaced related prosperity rewards with other rewards (Aetheri sparks over time, blight reduction per run, hero statpoints).


  • Replaced a missing texture popping up when disconnecting a local player's controller.

  • Portraits that show when party members are off-screen should look less choppy.

  • In 'For whom the bell tolls' the 'bell chimes left' popup no longer has an empty image at the top.

  • In 'For whom the bell tolls' the 'bell chimes left' popup now has a space between the text and the amount of tolls left.

  • Warriors should no longer sometimes show 2 rage indicators instead of the intended 3.

  • Prevented instances where wizards and rogues had 4 class resources by default instead of the intended 3.

  • Quest communication now blocks other popups until complete.

  • Enemy health bars should now show their intended colours.

  • Restored interact visuals to all pushable blocks.

  • Made interact visuals to describe their actions instead of simply saying 'interact'.


  • Improved collision on several locations.

  • Updated visuals for switches.

  • Added dust effects when pushing pushable blocks.

  • Switchable block obstacles now no longer have their collision linger around when lowered.

  • Added more visual flair to locked gates.

  • Added more visual flair to wooden gates in Blood Ridge.

  • The visual of the lasers in the Elevator sequence in The Descent will now no longer show up for a fraction of a second when it has reached its end-point.


  • Sounds created by the Pyroblast ability, the Blood Magus and Maggots will no longer be affected by the music volume slider.

  • Tweaked sound effects for the elevator sequence in 'The Descent'.

  • Tweaked sound effects for the Blood Magus.

  • Tweaked Meatclot's voice.

  • Backstab sound effects should now play properly.

  • Changed walking and impact sounds for warriors in their Awaken Ancient form.

  • Updated wretch voices and sound effects.

  • Pursuer's charge sounds and voices have been improved.

  • Added extra sound effects to blood pools.

  • Added ducking when voice lines are being played.

  • converted all music and sound sample rates to 44.1kHz.

  • tweaked several interface and menu sounds.

  • The loading screen music now properly fades into game music.

  • Rescued heroes now no longer play voice lines for other characters when rescued.