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Patch notes 0.1.1 (Hotfix)

  • We fixed some issues regarding items disappearing, but the issue seems to not have gone away entirely. In some cases where it previously went wrong, items should now move back to your inventory instead of disappearing.

  • We've also added logging for item handling. If you still experience items disappearing, please send a description and your logs to support@ronimo-games.com so we way investigate further

  • Added missing voice lines for Korrus

  • Removed the erroneous mention of gaining a new hero when reaching prosperity level 19

  • The "Barbed Runesword" now has both an icon and a proper name

  • Fixed the "Keyboard & Mouse" text missing in the configure controls menu

  • Added bestiary entries for the Iron Pursuer

  • Elites now no longer show up as bosses in the bestiary

  • Fixed overbright rimlight in mountainRoom20Seq2E

  • Fixed clipping issues with characters standing on certain bridges in The Blood Ridge zones

  • Fixed an issue where players were able to lock themselves up for the entire duration of the boss fight in The Descent

  • Improved menu navigation with controller

  • Reduced stutter for character positions of other players, especially at the start of each room

  • Fixed instances where players would kill the boss but not be able to exit through the final portal because they were seen as in-combat

  • Bosses should now no longer cast their abilities too much

We've noticed that the game is still quite easy when playing on Impossible difficulty. Also, players currently level harder through gear than monsters, making the game easier instead of harder for more experienced players. Making big changes at once is risky though so we're gradually tweaking the difficulty. Today's tweak is pretty minor and depending on how it's received we will likely increase the difficulty further later on.

  • Increased the difficulty to better match the shown difficulty when starting a game (mostly noticeable on harder difficulty)

Known issues

  • Desync/disconnect issues are top priority for us but have unfortunately not been solved yet. We’re working on them and will release another hotfix as soon as we have a fix, but we don’t know yet how long that will take.

  • There are many other issues, both small and large. We're working on more fixes and will hopefully release another hotfix somewhere next week.