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Patch notes 0.1.2 (Hotfix)

We had temporarily taken this patch offline due to it containing a brutal bug. That bug has been fixed now and the patch is live again.


  • Fixed a desync issue that caused the connection to be lost after playing several matches with the same party. (There might be more desync bugs but we expect this to be a good improvement. Please let us know if you still get desyncs.)

  • Fixed an issue that in rare cases caused a player to be stuck in a loading screen forever

  • Fixed a crash on exit


  • Fixed a grammar issue in Kromn's personal goal description

  • Kromn's personal goal now correctly displays that you have to collect 5 sunshards

  • Your heroes' rating should no longer rise as fast from finishing games. This makes the game less likely to start on an impossible difficulty when you start with a fresh character after playing a lot on a different character already

  • Added a system to restore Scarlet's items if they had previously been lost due to a bug (Rainslick, Bloodslick and Bloodrain)

  • Changed personal goal to be about crafting Bloodrain to coincide with above fixes


  • The follower summoned by Siurd's Might will no longer get stuck in terrain

  • Dena's Lemna now properly increases the maximum health by 3% for each heal up to a maximum of 100%. It increased base health by 3 up to a maximum of 100

  • Using the Abhorrent Iris will no longer enable you to spam your abilities: the cooldown reduction is now properly based on the amount of damage you actually blocked while blocking with your shield


  • Loot fountains in the “Abandoned Catacomb” levels should now properly spawn

  • "Answering the Call" should now no longer display erroneous quest markers

  • Fixed a softlock in the "Ominous Cave"

  • Collision has been revised in several places to prevent players from accidentally getting stuck in terrain

  • Players are no longer able to place more than one blood skull while only having one in their inventory in "For Whom the Bell Tolls"

  • Puzzles and pressure plates should now no longer have a chance of only activating for a portion of the party


  • Fixed an issue where players using the Frozen Orb skill would prevent players from using their skills after its duration is completed

  • Crit damage now multiplies using the crit damage multiplier instead of adding the number to the initial damage value, resulting in the intended amount of damage

  • Blood Magi can now spawn up to a maximum of 7 bloodpools

  • The 'pick up mana orbs' bounty will now properly register your progress

  • Adjusted the way Mana gets spawned. This directly fixes some issue cases where Mana gets spawned inside of larger enemies, such as bosses and generals.

  • Items in the Blacksmith should now no longer cost no Aetheri crystals or an extremely high amount

  • Class currency cost in the blacksmith should now correctly show the right currency type and amount

  • Made powerlevel calculations same across prosperity, rating and map select power

Known issues

  • We don’t have a fix for the bug that in rare cases causes items to disappear from your inventory. We’re still working on that one.

  • There’s at least one more issue that causes getting stuck in the loading screen forever. We’re investigating that one at the moment.

  • When you have Dena's Lemna equipped, and you enter a new room, you'll not spawn in with the same health you had in the previous room. (The health bonus it gives is checked at a different time.)

  • This list is far from complete. We are aware of many more issues and are working on fixing tons in future hotfixes and updates. Thanks everyone who has reported issues or given feedback for helping us improve the game!