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Patch notes 0.1.3 (Hotfix)


We have reworked how acquiring items and managing items in the Quartermaster functions. At the same time, we fixed a multitude of issues with certain items disappearing (or even duplicating themselves). If you still experience issues with this, please report them so that we can investigate further.

  • It should now be impossible to duplicate or lose items anywhere in the Refuge.

Known issues

  • There’s at least one more issue that causes getting stuck in the loading screen forever. We’re investigating that one at the moment.

  • We’ve also seen some players running into enemies that remain in the level after death, preventing progression. We’ll try to find a fix for this as soon as possible.

  • There are some issues with certain hero and item passives not functioning correctly when the player is a client. This is also the case for some skills with additional mechanics, such as Death from Above’s reset on kill.

  • Blood Mage enemies spawn pools of blood on top of each other, creating visual clutter.

  • Again, this list is far from complete. We are aware of many more issues and are working on fixing tons in future hotfixes and updates. Thanks everyone who has reported issues or given feedback for helping us improve the game!