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Patch notes 0.2.1 (Hotfix)


We made some changes to the way Cooldown Reduction is calculated this patch, but item and character builds heavily invested into CDR became way too spammy as a result. We’re toning down Cooldown Reduction across the board.

  • Nerfed cooldown reduction across all items: all items now grant reduced cooldown reduction.

  • Nerfed the amount of cooldown reduction the Will stat grants: it now grants 2% per stat point instead of 5%.

Also, a small bugfix for Dena’s Lemna.

  • When you have Dena’s Lemna equipped, you no longer enter a new room with a portion of your health missing.

Known issues

  • Some players are running into softlocks when fighting against the new boss, where the boss doesn’t transition to its new phase correctly and allows players to run to the next ‘arena’. We’re currently looking into this.