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Blood and Gore,
Partial Nudity,

Patch notes 0.2.2 (Hotfix)


  • Small visual improvements to the Refuge.


Khuliath was causing issues for some players, where his encounter didn’t progress the way it should. This caused him to get stuck behind collision, and players unable to continue to the next arena. We’ve cleaned up this fight, making sure the fight always progresses normally.

  • Fixed an issue where Khuliath did not jump to his next arena properly, causing a softlock in most cases.

  • Slightly adjusted collision in Khuliath's second arena (there was a segment where players could walk on air).

Kujuk’s Gravity Well is effective, and a little too effective against bosses. We’ve removed the pulling effect of the Gravity Well when used against some of the bigger enemies.

  • The bosses Writhing Oracle, Gruegant and Khuliath are no longer affected by the pull of Kujuk's Gravity Well.

We noticed the passive effect of Monster Soul Ring and its Greater version was doing its job a little too well, sometimes creating monstrous increases. We’re toning it down a bit, so that the effect only gets applied just once.

  • Fixed an issue where the bonus effect of Monster Soul Ring and Greater Monster Soul Ring was applied at the start of each room, causing insane numbers in some cases.