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Blood and Gore,
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Patch notes 0.2.3 (Hotfix)

New Features

  • Added option for Low texture quality.

  • Fixed that many Intel GPUs couldn't start the game because High texture quality uses too much texture memory (they run on Low now).


  • Fixed an issue where enemies would become and stay invulnerable after spawning, causing a softlock. If you still run into one of these, please fill out a report.

  • Fixed an issue where client players did not acquire any survivors at the end of a dungeon run, resulting in little to no Prosperity gain.

  • Fixed an issue where one of Ezzouhn's Phalanxes would sometimes not spawn when the skill was used near collision.

  • Fixed an issue where players could become trapped by Tentacle traps while using Lawbringer, causing some weird behaviour as well as making the Warrior invincible until the next room.


  • Updated Gorman's Root: it now makes use of a new animation, and the item effect only triggers when you are in combat.

  • Fixed an issue where Bloodrain's item passive triggered on switches and destructible barrels and chests.