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Patch Notes 0.5.1 (Hotfix)

New Features

  • Naxx and Kruxx now have unique visuals to accompany their status as bosses in the game.


  • Fixed a rare issue in the Tutorial, where the player would sometimes be teleported out of bounds when switching from Scarlet to Korrus.

  • Reaching a checkpoint in the tutorial should no longer potentially softlock the game.

  • It is no longer possible to skip checkpoints by teleporting with Korrus.


  • Fixed an issue where Mages would occasionally slide during their auto-attack animation.

  • Tek'ka's passive now functions correctly when aiming his primary attack with a controller; the game does not register the aiming as movement anymore.


  • Mwaan's Half Moon now only grants 20% cooldown reduction instead of 50%, when used in combination with the Chakram ability. This item in combination with other high cooldown reduction items introduced unintended gameplay where cooldowns were reduced too much. This has also been updated in the item description to correctly include percentages.


  • Byrinth now has the correct portrait in the Bestiary.

  • Totems summoned by the Sinful Totemist no longer trigger a Bestiary notification.

  • The stats panel now shows up when using 16:10 resolutions.

  • Enemy type labels are now visible in the Bestiary.


  • Fixed some rare cases where enemies would remain invincible in the side-rooms of the Underhold Depths.


  • Host migration will no longer leave players in a state where the exit to a room leads them into the same room.