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Patch Notes 0.7.2 (Hotfix)


  • Added controller deadzone option to controls menu.

  • Blightrifts now stay open and accessible after they are spawned, so players can attempt them at a later point in the dungeon if they want (if they are able to backtrack to the room the Blightrift spawned in).

  • A popup now appears and redirects the player to the configure controls menu when a necessary button isn't mapped (for now this is only in hero select).

  • Fixed that sometimes popups would be unresponsive with controllers.

  • The Play button is no longer disabled when viewing a hero of a class that a teammate had selected as their hero.

  • Fixed that players could encounter a situation where not everyone would enter the map select screen.

  • Bounties will now no longer be accidentally completed on exiting the game.

  • Fixed flickering map icon in map select hero overview.

  • Expanded hero tooltips now show both skills for Assassins.

  • Fixed that matchmaking menu flow could break after map select was canceled for any reason.

  • Improved gameplay stability.


  • Updated collision in Peak's End area of The Hemomancer level, where players were able to walk through some level objects.

  • Enemies no longer spawn out of bounds in the Razor Cliffs area of the The Hemomancer level.

  • The blood pools spawned by Hemog at the end of The Hemomancer are now correctly removed when Hemog has been defeated.

  • Enemies no longer spawn out of bounds in the Inner Graves area of the For Whom the Bell Tolls level.

  • Slightly adjusted the random encounters in the Inner Graves area of the For Whom the Bell Tolls level.

  • The Ultimate skill Lightning Strikes now no longer goes on cooldown without anything happening, even though there are valid targets around the player.

  • Using Awaken Ancient while Awaken Ancient is active will now correctly reset the effects the skill grants, preventing it from disabling preemptively.

  • Bosses now show damage numbers when attacked.

  • Fixed an issue with Seirinne's passive, where entering a room with one or more passive stacks caused her skill cooldowns to become 3 seconds when no passive stacks are available for the rest of the run.


  • The increased size of the heal area granted by the item Three-eyed Ring is now properly shown for all players in the game, not just the owner of the ring.


  • Removed 'spare supplies' prosperity reward.

  • The Unlock hero animation will now only play once when unlocking a new hero.

  • Heroes with all stat points on their max value no longer show notification icon for available stat points to assign.

  • The 'join party by ID' text field now loses focus when pressing enter to save a click.