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Patch Notes 1.0.2 (Hotfix)

1.0.1 Patch Notes

  • Journal entries can now be scrolled with the right stick when using controllers

  • The activity log in the Mentor menu now handles text scale better

  • Allowed the text scale slider to go up to 150%

  • Bots are now more proactive when it comes to reviving teammates

  • Fixed that puzzle hints could look different for party members on another platform

  • Fixed that the 'new quest' popup would keep re-appearing even when there are no new quests

  • Fixed an issue where bots thought they could only use ultimate at 100 ultimate charge instead of their maximum charge (this also fixes an issue where bots with 150 max ultimate would idle about, and bots with 150 max ultimate would never use their ultimate)

  • Fixed that the stats panel header text could be partially hidden by the banner

  • Fixed an issue where transforming into a Frozen Skull (wizard ultimate) would cause the wizard to slide over the ground in his default walking animation when the wizard queued a skill during the transformation, or when moving during the transformation

  • Fixed that most tooltips would overlap with their button when using a controller

  • Fixed an issue where playing as Korrus during the tutorial and moving back to the beginning caused Scarlet bot to trigger the dodge roll tutorial freeze while Scarlet is a bot

  • Fixed an issue where Scarlet's 'E' ability didn't cause the tutorial to unfreeze during a freeze moment. This now uses the same unfreeze logic that the smokebomb has (her other skill)

  • Fixed that tooltips in the map select menu would say 'location still in development' instead of 'Party member has not reached this point'

  • Fixed typo in the 'play as random favorite' tooltip

  • Fixed that the reward for playing as random favorite hero wasn't functional

  • Fixed that the 'show intro video' setting was unavailable on consoles (If you disabled this setting before, you may need to disable it again once)

  • Fixed that the hero stats was unavailable on PS4

  • Fixed that opening the hero stats panel on Xbox One was assigned to the left trigger instead of the right stick

  • Fixed that the bestiary entries would clear when restarting the game

  • Fixed that Korrus couldn't be selected in the first-time hero select screen

  • Fixed that Malborys would be re-selected in the first-time hero select screen after a voiceline finished playing

  • Fixed that 'vibration' wasn't capitalized in PS4 controls menu

  • Fixed that the controller graphic overlapped with the menu options on PS4

  • Fixed that bots could become passive after a host migration if the remaining player was dead

  • Fixed controller navigation issue in forging menu

  • General crash fixes