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Patch Notes 1.1.1 (Hotfix)


  • Fixed an issue where the game would start in English even if another language was selected.

  • Fixed an issue which caused a different language, that is not the selected language, to be displayed on some items and skills.

  • Fixed an issue which cause the game to crash after changing language.

  • Fixed an issue where enemies would sometimes be invincible, causing a softlock. Also added an extra check to further prevent this issue from occurring.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented progressing beyond Chapter 3 of Seer Rook’s story.

  • Fixed an issue on Xbox where players who are connected to the internet but do not have Xbox Live Gold would constantly be prompted to get Xbox Live Gold.

  • Fixed general translation and localisation issues.

  • Adjusted targeting priorities of the Assassin enemy.

  • Updated the description for the ultimate – Summon Spirits.


  • The following items have been added to the game: Oxuuxo Potion, Virtuous Flame, Forgebrute Belt, Tergaron’s Prediction, Siurd’s Bracelet, Straw Effigy, Sun's Essence, and Fragile Piggybank.

  • Fixed an issue where equipping Blightbane and Scroll of Unity, would cause spirits summoned by Scroll of Unity to disappear when using the ultimate – Summon Spirits.

  • Fixed an issued that caused a potential softlock in Khuliath, the Mountain Giant.

  • Fixed an issue where Blood Maggots would engage with the players outside of playable area.

  • Fixed an issue where equipping the shield Talon of Thyst on Karrogh, would allows Karrogh to use his charge attack without regard to ability cooldown.

  • Fixed a potential crash in the Creeping Blight level where the game could hardlock during or after the Byrinth boss fight.

  • Adjusted enemy spawns in Creeping Blight to slightly lower the difficulty when playing at higher Blight levels.

  • Added missing achievements and trophies to Steam and PlayStation. These achievements are also retroactively awarded.