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Blood and Gore,
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The Divine Rite: 1.1

New Features!

The Divine Rite update is upon us! Blightbound's 1.1 update introduces offline mode which brings players more convenience and accessibility. Also in the update is a new hero, Seer Rook! Unlock the mysterious Mage and unleash his vicious damage potential upon the Blighted monstrocities! For players looking for additional challenges (and loot), there are also 3 new challenge rooms to conquer!

  • Offline mode – Players on consoles no longer require a premium subscription or internet connection to play. Players on PC (Steam) no longer require an internet connection to play.

  • New hero – Seer Rook

  • New trophy/achievement for Seer Rook’s story

  • New items

  • New challenge rooms

    • Rift of a Thousand Stabs

    • Rift of Wardens

    • Rift of Speed


  • Obtainable stat points through levelling up are now limited to 10, changed from total stat points being limited to 10 before.

  • Heroes now have different base/starting stats.

  • Changed ‘Play Online’ to ‘Play’ in the start menu.

  • Adjusted default music volume for better audio balance.

  • When playing with bots, there is no longer a 5-second countdown when prompting to exit to the Refuge while in a level.

  • When playing offline, only the Player 1’s inputs are registered when navigating menus.

  • When playing offline, players are now also able to skip the tutorial.

  • When levelling up Refuge prosperity, some levels did not include a reward. Aetheri Crystals have been added as rewards for levels which previously did not have rewards. Players are also retroactively rewarded with Aetheri Crystals for the Refuge prosperity levels they had already obtained that previously had no rewards.

  • Fixed an issue where new items added after the 1.0 update were not obtainable through regular gameplay.

  • Fixed an issue where the game would glitch if the player attempted to select a hero or an item while using the scrollbar at the same time.

  • Fixed that the 'Add local player’ option was incorrectly available when trying to add a third local player if only one controller input was detected. Since adding a third local player would require at least two controller inputs.

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Local player added’ prompt would appear, even when no local player was added.

  • Fixed multiple spelling errors.

  • Fixed localisation issues.

  • Fixed an issue where the final trophy/achievement was not obtainable.

  • Fixed a rare issue where the game would crash when attempting to load the save file.

  • Fixed an issue where losing the first mission while playing with bots would prevent the player from matchmaking the following game.

  • Fixed an issue where if an Xbox One Controller would disconnect, the disconnect prompt would only show up to Player 1. Now the prompt is shown to all players.

  • Fixed an issue where the host player would immediately automatically be unreadied after readying up.

  • Fixed an issue where the player would not not be able to play the first bot match when online mode is unavailable.

  • Fixed a visual issue on the Xbox One menu page when playing offline.


  • Improved general pathfinding of logic teleporting and movement abilities to further prevent characters going out of the play area.

  • Increased the size of Death Bite Staff’s ground slam area-of-effect attack range.

  • Fixed an issue where in-game loot would seldom appear.

  • Fixed an issue in the Writhing Oracle boss where the boss would not die even after the final bell was destroyed.

  • Fixed an issue where bots would load into a level with only the starting weapons and items equipped.

  • Fixed an issue where players would start a level with only 1 player and 1 bot if the host of the session would leave after dungeon select, but before loading into the dungeon.

  • The item, Healing Flask, now heals 20%, increased from 10%.


  • Improved overall camera tracking when playing with bots.

  • General visual improvements to better highlight the play area.

  • Adjusted the placement of lamps prevent camera view obstruction.

  • Fixed an issue where the camera would sometimes be obstructed by foreground assets.

  • Fixed an issue where the visuals of a newly rescued/purchased/recruited hero would overlay the visuals of the selected hero while equipping items to any hero.

  • Fixed an issue where a number in brackets would be added to the end of the name of the host of a session, even if the host is the only player in that session.

  • Fixed showing the ‘remove local player’ option when there are no local players in the party.

  • Fixed fixed an issue where player healthbars would “float” when playing co-op.

  • Fixed an issue where the camera would track bots (thinking they are still players) after players had disconnected.


  • Fixed an issue where the player would not be able to leave an online party even after being disconnected from the internet.

  • Fixed an issue where local players would not transfer to the new party when joining another online party.

  • Fixed an issue where players would be stuck in a loading screen after another player had disconnected.

  • Fixed an issue where players would be forced into a bot match even after selecting to matchmake.

  • Fixed an issue where players in an online party who would ready up, would immediately be un-readied.