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Blood and Gore,
Partial Nudity,

Bu the Nimble



Bu is a young scion of the Motonaga clan - an influential organisation operating in many of the shadier corners of humanity: human trafficking, selling stolen weaponry and possibly even dirtier dealings. Her story begins when she receives a message from one of her clansmen and learns that Otsumo has betrayed them. For reasons of honor, she couldn’t possibly oppose him directly, so she sets out to release the sacrificial lambs and cut off the supply. Tattooed with snake scales and a lidless eye on her forehead, as is customary in the crime family for her role, she works towards this goal.

"I received a message from one of our Motonaga clan spies – and I can hardly believe it. 'Otsumo has betrayed us. Our caravan carries Blight, not gold.' Uncle Otsumo... is that true? Honor demands I find out."


Passive: Spiteful

When you deal critical damage, deal up to 200% again as damage over time over 10s.

Base Attack: Stab

Cut your enemies for 32.5% weapon power. Special: creates Combo Points and deal more damage from behind.

Class Ability: Execute

Strike your enemies, dealing 80% weapon power per Combo Point directly, and again over a 5 second period. Every Combo Point spent adds 4% Ultimate Charge. Can interrupt enemies, which deals 120% bonus damage and gives 25% Ultimate Charge.

Titan 1: Death from Above

Leap towards a target, dealing 250% weapon power upon impact. This cooldown is reset if Death from Above kills the target.

Titan 2: Smoke bomb

Throw out a smoke bomb making you and allies invisible for enemies. Dealing 160% weapon power every second. Smoke bomb lasts 3s.

Ultimate: Lightning strikes

Quickly cut nearby enemies to pieces for 400% weapon power 6 times. Always backstabs enemies. Spending Combo Points with Execute charges your Ultimate.