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Blood and Gore,
Partial Nudity,

Commander Clegg



Commander Clegg made a glorious career in a mercenary army, deployed by various human kingdoms before the Titan fell. He fought against the Titan, he fought against other units. In contrast to most wanderers and adventurers roaming the lands today, he has the benefit of military discipline, employing tactics and strategic wit (if his companions listen, that is). He enjoys engaging in combat, as long as it’s honorable and following the rules of engagement. He despises backhanded methods. His mission, which he carries with him from the old world, is to recompose his lost army.

"Has it been thirty years since the Titan fell? Feels like I just woke up from a nightmare. Enough time wasted, I must recruit a new army, equip them and map the enemy terrain! Then: the final siege to conquer the Blight. Then: victory."


Passive: Natural leader

Have a permanent follower, which deals 50% of your damage.

Base Attack: Sword Strike

A three hit combo that deals 80% | 100% | 190% weapon power as damage. Deals damage 5 times, restores health based on your combo hit when you have a Rage point. Spending Rage charges your ultimate.

Class Ability: Shield Block

Hold this skill to reduce incoming damage. Blocking attacks gives you Rage. Hit enemies with Sword Strike to spend Rage. Spending Rage charges your ultimate.

Titan 1: Taunting roar

Unleash a provoking roar, forcing all enemies to attack you. Dealing 150% weapon power, and reduce damage taken by 30% for 8s.

Titan 2: Summon Phalanx

Summon two Phalanx soldiers that will aid you in battle. The Phalanxes deal the same damage as you do.

Ultimate: Awaken Ancient

Inhibit the powers of Forge God Siurd. When cast, you deal 300% weapon power to nearby enemies. For the duration of this effect, damage taken is reduced by 50% while damage output is increased by 275%. Transformation lasts 10s. Spending Rage charges your ultimate. Enemies targeting you charges your ultimate.