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Blood and Gore,
Partial Nudity,

Wastelander Creen



Like his sister Triss, Creen loves his life in this post-apocalyptic world. Blightfall might’ve taken their parents away, it also gave them a new life full of endless possibilities. Their method of survival might entail ambushing and robbing others, with a ‘you keep way you kill’ mentality, to them it’s a pure way of life - one that does justice to the harsh world they inhabit.

Big sis, I don't like going topside any more than you, but what choice do we have? None, since I angered that blood magus, T'kaat. Perhaps I shouldn't have raided his camp.


Passive: Wrath

Deal 150% more damage against enemies affected by damage over time effects.

Base Attack: Sword Strike

A three hit combo that deals 80% | 100% | 190% weapon power as damage. Deals damage 5 times, restores health based on your combo hit when you have a Rage point. Spending Rage charges your ultimate.

Class Ability: Shield Block

Hold this skill to reduce incoming damage. Blocking attacks gives you Rage. Hit enemies with Sword Strike to spend Rage. Spending Rage charges your ultimate.

Titan 1: Bull Charge

Charge in a straight line through enemies, dealing 630% weapon power on impact.

Titan 2: Dragging Assault

Charge in a straight line, dragging all enemies you hit with you and dealing 720% weapon power as damage at the end of the assault. Holding this skill increases the distance travelled.

Ultimate: Awaken Ancient

Inhibit the powers of Forge God Siurd. When cast, you deal 300% weapon power to nearby enemies. For the duration of this effect, damage taken is reduced by 50% while damage output is increased by 275%. Transformation lasts 10s. Spending Rage charges your ultimate. Enemies targeting you charges your ultimate.