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Blood and Gore,
Partial Nudity,

Ezzouhn the Seeker



Ezzouhn is part of a community of mountainous people whose mages requisitioned magical Aetheri wards to hold off the Blight creeping up on the foothills. When the last mage died, the wards started failing and many of them ventured out in desperation, trying to find a way to repair them before their home would be overrun by Blight. Ezzouhn is one of those seekers, looking for help from a willing mage to try and rebuild his community.

"I'm looking for a mage with knowledge of wards. Aetheri wards. My home mountain's are failing. The Blight's coming in. I need a mage, and quick."


Passive: Resonance

Blocking also applies Rage to your Phalanxes.

Base Attack: Sword Strike

A three hit combo that deals 80% | 100% | 190% weapon power as damage. Deals damage 5 times, restores health based on your combo hit when you have a Rage point. Spending Rage charges your ultimate.

Class Ability: Shield Block

Hold this skill to reduce incoming damage. Blocking attacks gives you Rage. Hit enemies with Sword Strike to spend Rage. Spending Rage charges your ultimate.

Titan 1: Summon Phalanx

Summon 2 phalanx soldiers that will aid you in battle. The Phalanxes deal the same damage as you do.

Titan 2: Battle call

Unleash a mighty shout. Giving nearby players 50% attack speed and damage for their main attack. Battle call lasts 10s.

Ultimate: Lawbringer

Launch yourself to the skies and crash down at a targeted location, dealing 2000% weapon power in an area. Spending Rage charges your ultimate. Enemies targeting you charges your ultimate.