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Blood and Gore,
Partial Nudity,

Princess Karue



Karue was a princess, whose parents and grandparents were among the ones who unleashed the Titan Kriusz. For this she seeks neither forgiveness nor a guilt trip - she had nothing to do with it. From the moment their eternal enemy, the Aetheri, evaporated beyond the Shimmering Veil, The Folk became just another lost and struggling human tribe. Karue may come from a high place in society, she fights just like the rest of them. What she seeks to do here is to find proof that the Aetheri were bad people and not worthy of human veneration.

"So, we're heading for Cinder Peak? I'm used to something a bit more... palatial. But if you say it's necessary to find proof of the Aetheri's wrongdoings, Seer Rook, I'll go along. For now."


Passive: Expose Truth

You can make multiple enemies Exposed. When making an enemy Exposed, gain 1 Combo Point.

Base Attack: Stab

Cut your enemies for 32.5% weapon power. Special: creates Combo Points and deal more damage from behind.

Class Ability: Dagger Fling

Throw out a dagger that pierces through enemies, dealing 50% weapon power as damage. The first enemy hit becomes Exposed, which increases everyone's damage dealt to the enemy by 50%.

Titan 1: Death from Above

Warp into the shadows and leap towards a target, dealing 250% weapon power as damage upon impact. Stealth lasts around 5s or until you dealt damage.

Titan 2: Shadow Statue

Place a shadow statue that focusses a beam on you. The beam slows enemies and deals 100% weapon power every second. Shadow statue lasts 8s.

Ultimate: Meatgrinder

Throw out a set of knives that swirl around you, dealing 500% weapon power as damage to nearby enemies every second. Meatgrinder lasts 5s.