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Blood and Gore,
Partial Nudity,

Seer Rook



Seer Rook was but a young priest when he helped in the summoning ritual that created the golem embodying Kriusz. For the rest of his long life, as Cimma’s Folk live longer than most humans, he advocated this was the right call and maintained devotion, even as part of his tribe fell to the Blight and became monstrous. If only they had let Kriusz live, none of this would have happened. He now sees it as his holy goal to protect Karue, princess of The Folk, from harm. He admits things went terribly wrong, but his intentions were pure.

"I do not like us being here, princess Karue. These people are enemies to Cimma's Folk. They destroyed my golem. And now you want to fight with them against the Blight?"


Passive: Exorcist

The cooldown on Unleash Spirits is reduced by 90% when the skill is used while an enemy is affected by your Spirit Coffin skill.

Base Attack: Spirit Shot

Fire a combo of piercing Spirit Bolts from your staff dealing 50%| 60%| 140% weapon power. Every third attack deals area damage. Your third shot hits have 10% chance to drop mana. Mana drop chance increases with every enemy hit by 2.5%.

Class Ability: Heal Beam

Create a beam of spiritual healing around you, which heals you and surrounding allies for 100% weapon power as health for every 250 hitpoints of base health. Requires Mana. Gain 8 Ultimate Charge per healed teammate.

Titan 1: Unleash Spirits

Shoot a piercing cone of spirits dealing 300% weapon power. This ability executes Wretches below 50% health.

Titan 2: Spirit Coffin

Banish an enemy in a Spirit Coffin for 8s. Does not work on bosses.

Ultimate: Frost Skull

Transform into a semi-invincible frozen skull, dealing 750% weapon power every second to enemies upon contact.