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Blood and Gore,
Partial Nudity,




Scarlet comes from a faraway place and traveled to this land in search of a fabled Aetheri light weapon: the rumored knife Bloodslick that once belonged to a great general, but was lost when he was swarmed in the Gravemark. It is part of a set of two, the other knife already in her possession. With the combined set she’ll become more powerful than before, and one step closer to reclaiming the world for humanity.

"I can’t believe I left Lorisdayne for this dreary land! Ah well, it’ll be worth it once I find what I came for. Can’t save the world without some serious weaponry."


Passive: Backstabber

Deal 100% extra damage when attacking enemies from behind.

Base Attack: Stab

Cut your enemies for 32.5% weapon power. Special: creates Combo Points and deal more damage from behind.

Class Ability: Expose Weakness

Use both daggers to strike one enemy, dealing 90% weapon power per Combo Point as damage. The struck enemy becomes Exposed, which increases everyone's damage dealt to the enemy by 50%.

Titan 1: Ricocheting Glaive

Throw a glaive that ricochets to a nearby enemy up to 10 times. The glaive deals 120% weapon power as damage each time it hits an enemy.

Titan 2: Smoke Bomb

Throw out a smoke bomb making you and allies invisible for enemies. Dealing 160% weapon power every second. Smoke bomb lasts 3s.

Ultimate: Meatgrinder

Throw out a set of knives that swirl around you, dealing 500% weapon power to nearby enemies every second. Meatgrinder lasts 5s. Spending Combo Points with Execute charges your Ultimate.