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Blood and Gore,
Partial Nudity,




Seirinne is a devotee to Zerrish, the Serpent Titan. She’s a highly skilled thief and highway robber, trained in the arts of stealth, archery and poison. This poses no moral quandary for her - she is herself a serpent and only follows her inherent nature. Her devotion to Zerrish is tested when she is poisoned herself by another rogue with an unknown poison, as revenge for the time Seirinne robbed the Motonaga Clan’s caravan.

"Haha, listen to this. Some time ago, I robbed the Motonaga caravan. Classic stand-and-deliver stuff. Then, yesterday, some young would-be assassin from the clan comes and tries to poison me in revenge! Ha! As if."


Passive: Motivated

Gain a stack for every 100 Aetheri sparks. Using a cooldown skill spends a stack, which negates its cooldown.

Base Attack: Stab

Cut your enemies for 32.5% weapon power. Special: creates Combo Points and deal more damage from behind.

Class Ability: Execute

Strike your enemies, dealing 80% weapon power per Combo Point directly, and again over a 5 second period. Every Combo Point spent adds 4% Ultimate Charge. Can interrupt enemies, which deals 120% bonus damage and gives 25% Ultimate Charge.

Titan 1: Chakram

Throw a chakram that deals 240% weapon power, stays in place at its destination, and then homes back. Stopping and returning can be manually triggered by pressing the skill button while the chakram is in flight.

Titan 2: Shadow Statue

Place a shadow statue that focusses a beam on you. The beam slows enemies and deals 100% weapon power every second. Shadow statue lasts 8s.

Ultimate: Meatgrinder

Throw out a set of knives that swirl around you, dealing 500% weapon power to nearby enemies every second. Meatgrinder lasts 5s. Spending Combo Points with Execute charges your Ultimate.