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Blood and Gore,
Partial Nudity,

Tek'ka, Restorer of the Aetheri



Tek’ka has fought many years against the Blight in service of Dena, the Twin Titan of the afterlife that shepherds the good souls beyond the Shimmering Veil. In all this time, he had become convinced that the Aetheri can and must be saved, trapped as they are in eternal twilight since the destruction of the sun.

Mark my words: the Aetheri can be restored to this world! It won't be easy, or painless, but we owe it to them to try. And since no one else will take up this cup, I will.


Passive: Focussed resolve

Increase your crit chance by 50% after standing still for 3 seconds.

Base Attack: Spirit Shot

Fire a combo of piercing Spirit Bolts from your staff dealing 50%| 60%| 140% weapon power. Every third attack deals area damage. Your third shot hits have 10% chance to drop mana. Mana drop chance increases with every enemy hit by 2.5%.

Class Ability: Heal Beam

Create a beam of spiritual healing around you, which heals you and surrounding allies for 100% weapon power for every 315 hitpoints of max health. Requires Mana. Gain 10% Ultimate Charge per healed teammate.

Titan 1: Reversal Shield

Shield an ally or yourself, making theminvincible to all incoming damage for 5 seconds. After the invincibility wears off, the shield explodes dealing 500% weapon power to surrounding enemies.

Titan 2: Gravity well

Pull enemies towards a targeted location dealing 250% weapon power and slowing them for 3s.

Ultimate: Frost Skull

Transform into a frozen skull, dealing 666.7% weapon power every second to enemies upon contact. Transformation lasts 5s. Healing players charges your ultimate.