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Blood and Gore,
Partial Nudity,

Matriarch Wodania



Wodania lost her sight when the sun shattered when she was an infant. She looked up in that instant and its splinters rained down into her eyes. Now she sees brightness always, instead of darkness. She had to learn to trust on others for guidance, being blind, but she soon found her other senses were awakened. In the dark years ahead, she roamed the mountain passes with her kin, learning to see without sight and fight by sound. In time, she married, had children, and rose to the rank of venerable matriarch. Now she is sought out by all for her wisdom - but don’t think Wodania will ever rest on her laurels. Even now she fights like the best of them.

"Look at what my foolish young pup has wrought! Against my orders, Karrogh led a pack of our warriors into the Blight to defeat some monsters. A disaster, as I predicted. Guess who gets to clean up after him? It isn't easy being matriarch to reckless boys."


Passive: Encouraged

When an ally lands a crit, your critical strike chance is increased by 30% for 3 seconds.

Base Attack: Stab

Cut your enemies for 32.5% weapon power. Special: creates Combo Points and deal more damage from behind.

Class Ability: Dagger Fling

Throw out a dagger that pierces through enemies, dealing 50% weapon power as damage. The first enemy hit becomes Exposed, which increases everyone's damage dealt to the enemy by 50%.

Titan 1: Deck of Daggers

Throw a fan of blades to all nearby enemies for 100% weapon power plus 500% weapon power over 5 seconds.

Titan 2: Smoke bomb

Throw out a smoke bomb making you and allies invisible for enemies. Dealing 160% weapon power every second. Smoke bomb lasts 3s.

Ultimate: Lightning Strikes

Quickly cut nearby enemies to pieces for 300% weapon power as damage 5 times. Always backstabs enemies. Spending Combo points with Expose Weakness charges your Ultimate.