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Blood and Gore,
Partial Nudity,

Apostle Wretch



How easy it was for mankind to despair after the Titan fell! Immediately various doomsday cults sprang up among the remnants of humanity, seeking to embrace the new order of life while still fighting evil. The Apostles of the Miasma train their ranks in the ways of combat, but also disfigure themselves into warped versions of the monsters spilling out from the Blight. Wretch, for example, had his face scarified and altered to mirror that of a skeletal figure. It is, in his view, the only way to deal with monsters: get close enough to them that you understand and feel how they feel - then kill them.

"RRRRUHH. I smell ghoul flesh. I hunt wretches. Let me go down alone or with others if they'll trust me. As long as I murder the ghoulish bosses the five that are here."


Passive: Hates Wretches

Damage against Wretches is increased by 100% and you will kill them instantly with Sword Strike while your Ultimate is active. Restore 10% of your maximum health when a Wretch is killed.

Base Attack: Sword Strike

A three hit combo that deals 80% | 100% | 190% weapon power as damage. Deals damage 5 times, restores health based on your combo hit when you have a Rage point. Spending Rage charges your ultimate.

Class Ability: Shield Block

Hold this skill to reduce incoming damage. Blocking attacks gives you Rage. Hit enemies with Sword Strike to spend Rage. Spending Rage charges your ultimate.

Titan 1: Bull Charge

Charge in a straight line through enemies, dealing 630% weapon power on impact.

Titan 2: Summon Phalanx

Summon two Phalanx soldiers that will aid you in battle. The Phalanxes deal the same damage as you do.

Ultimate: Awaken Ancient

Inhibit the powers of Forge God Siurd. When cast, you deal 300% weapon power to nearby enemies. For the duration of this effect, damage taken is reduced by 50% while damage output is increased by 275%. Transformation lasts 10s. Spending Rage charges your ultimate. Enemies targeting you charges your ultimate.