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Blood and Gore,
Partial Nudity,

Wanderer Ziram



Ziram was once a caravan guard, until the merchants got caught in Blight vapors. He sacrificed himself to pull the beasts of burden out, saving the merchandise but losing his health. He caught a strange and contagious strain of Blight that left his mind intact but ravaged his body with something akin to leprosy. Slowly falling apart, he was cast out by the very people he protected, and since then wanders the lands in search of a cure. He has grown spiteful over the years, hating that everyone winces as he draws near, afraid to touch him. He was drawn to these lands by a vision he received in his fevered dreams: the titan Kriusz, bringer of Blight, told him to take a pilgrimage to the sites around his corpse, whereupon he would undo the effects of the disease.

"In my fevered dreams I received a vision that brought me to these lands. Haahh... a vision of healing. Perhaps here I'll finally find the cure to my wasting disease."


Passive: Determined

Your Titan Skills and Ultimate last 50% longer.

Base Attack: Spirit Shot

Fire a combo of piercing Spirit Bolts from your staff dealing 50% | 60% | 140% weapon power. Every third attack deals area damage. Spirit Bolts that hit enemies currently have 10% chance to drop mana. Mana drop chance increases by 1% for each enemy hit.

Class Ability: Heal Beam

Create a beam of spiritual healing around you, which heals you and surrounding allies for 100% weapon power as health for every 250 hitpoints of base health. Requires Mana. Gain 8 Ultimate Charge per healed teammate.

Titan 1: Reversal Barrier

Create a spiritual barrier, which provides invincibility to yourself and allies inside of it for 5 seconds. Afterwards, the barrier explodes dealing 500% weapon power to surrounding enemies.

Titan 2: Spirit Coffin

Banish an enemy in a Spirit Coffin for 8s. Does not work on bosses.

Ultimate: Frost Skull

Transform into a semi-invincible frozen skull, dealing 750% weapon power every second to enemies upon contact.