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Blood and Gore,
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Patch Notes 0.4.1 (Hotfix)


  • Bots can no longer receive items, gold, stat points or life goal progress after finishing a dungeon run.

  • Bots would sometimes get stuck thinking they were running from a Writhing Orb when combat was already over. They should now always default to following the player(s) when there is no combat.

  • Players no longer sometimes 'twitch' from left to right or vice versa while pulling pushable blocks.


  • Players do not gain additional Sun Shards anymore after crafting Sun’s Restoration. Also, fixed an issue where some players did not have the correct amount of Sun Shards in their inventory according to Kromn’s quest progress.

  • The item The Ward applied its buff when entering a new room while above the HP percentage threshold, causing unintended numbers of Cooldown Reduction. This item’s effect is now working as intended.


  • Fixed an issue where the “Play” button would say “Unready” after playing a game with bots.

  • Players will now always correctly see which bot(s) are in their party in level select.

  • The quest at the top of the Refuge does not display a broken text anymore when all currently available quests are completed.

  • Fixed an issue in the Narrative tab of characters, where story lines would occasionally be displayed as missing or broken strings of text.


  • Added a few dozen missing translation lines (to all languages except Japanese and Korean, which are still being worked on).

  • Made hundreds of small fixes and improvements to translations.

  • Fixed an issue where disconnecting would leave the player unable to interact with the defeat screen.


  • Fixed an issue in Bloodlust Cavern in The Hemomancer, where the Mage Bot would occasionally get stuck on one of the switches on his lane.