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Blood and Gore,
Partial Nudity,

Nilbous Flann



Nilbous wants to do things quite differently. He’s a hermit holed up in the mountains, seeking solitude in order to consume enough Blight to invoke a trance, bringing him closer to Duron, who has all the answers of the afterlife and this life. Alas, he’s become a Blight-addict and needs ever greater hits of it to induce another mystical state. Nilbous’ plight is that he’s so close to reaching Duron, he couldn’t possibly give up now, even though the amount of Blight he consumes threatens to ravage his mind and destroy his body. But how else to uncover greater truths?

"Look, I'm, err... I'm a little embarrassed to ask, because I know what people say about me. 'He's a Blight addict!' You know, that's a prejudice that they hold. But do you think you could help me out... getting me some Blight?"


Passive: Spiritual

Your team heals for 500% extra when players pick up a Mana orb.

Base Attack: Spirit Shot

Fire a combo of piercing Spirit Bolts from your staff dealing 50% | 60% | 140% weapon power. Every third attack deals area damage. Spirit Bolts that hit enemies currently have 10% chance to drop mana. Mana drop chance increases by 1% for each enemy hit.

Class Ability: Heal Beam

Create a beam of spiritual healing around you, which heals you and surrounding allies for 100% weapon power for every 315 hitpoints of max health. Requires Mana. Gain 10% Ultimate Charge per healed teammate.

Titan 1: Unleash Spirits

Shoot a piercing cone of spirits dealing 300% weapon power as damage. This ability executes Wretches below 50% health.

Titan 2: Cryoblast shot

Shoot a frozen bolt, dealing 100% weapon power in an area. Enemies hit by this skill are frozen in place for 4 seconds.

Ultimate: Frost Skull

Transform into a semi-invincible frozen skull, dealing 750% weapon power every second to enemies upon contact.